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Phone:  313-822-6200
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Park Pass Information

To register for a Park Pass, residents of Grosse Pointe Park have the choice of picking up an application at the Public Service Department at City Hall, downloading a copy of the 2020 application below, picking applications up from the Patterson and Windmill Pointe Gatehouses or filling out the online form at the bottom of the page. Completed applications may be dropped off at the brown drop box of City Hall or turned in at the front counter of the Public Service Department at City Hall. 

2020 Park Pass Application

For all questions or concerns about park passes, please call Courtney at City Hall at 313-822-4347.

Homeowners must have valid proof of residency, i.e. driver’s license, bank statements or bills. New homeowners must also have turned in the Property Transfer Affidavit, Principle Resident Exemption and have a valid Certificate of Occupancy.

Renters must apply for park passes annually. Passes will be mailed back after the landlord has verified tenancy and the Public Service Department has verified that the Certificate of Occupancy is valid. NO EXCEPTIONS. Lease agreements are not accepted as proof of tenancy.

At any time, you may be asked for photo I.D. Misuse of your park pass may result in revocation. Revoked passes can be suspended or cancelled for the remainder of the season. In addition, if replacement is necessary, a fee of $20.00 will be charged. Driver Licenses and other forms of identification will not be accepted for entrance to the parks. Gate guards will only accept valid passes for entrance. Revoked passes will be turned over to the Public Safety Department, which will in turn make a decision as to whether or not they may be reinstated.

Residents age 17 and under will be allowed 1 guest per visit to the City Parks. Residents 18 and older will be allowed 3 guests per visit. GUESTS MUST ACCOMPANY YOU WHEN YOU ENTER THE PARKS.

Park Pass Rules

It is the goal of the City of Grosse Pointe Park to continue to provide to you, the resident, the best possible service and recreational facilities. We ask that you read the following rules with regard to Park Passes. It is extremely important that everyone complies with these rules so that we may all enjoy our City Parks.

  1. Renter Passes are valid for one year.
  2. Homeowner Passes are valid for four years.
  3. Park Passes are required for all residents age 10 and older and are non-transferable. (For purposes of registration of younger children in Park activities, we ask that all members of the family, even those not yet eligible for a Park Pass, be listed on your Park Pass Application.)
  4. All family members age 24 or older, who are not the homeowner, MUST show proof of residency by providing a driver’s license or state identification card.
  5. City Ordinance allows NO MORE than two unrelated persons to receive passes at any address.
  6. Business Owner Passes are given to the business owner and one other family member who resides with him/her.
  7. Lost passes will be replaced ONCE per season by an adult at a cost of $20.00 at the Public Service Department at City Hall. Office Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Telephone (313) 822-4365.
  8. Households that require caregiver passes will be charged $25.00 per household and only 1 such pass will be issued annually.
  9. Residents with guests on an extended visit may purchase Temporary Passes (maximum 2 per household) for $10.00 each at the Public Service Department.
  10. Please allow 2 weeks for processing of all passes.

Application For Resident Park Passes


This is your application for Park Passes for the upcoming term.  In order to facilitate the issuance of passes, we ask that you fill out the bottom portion completely.  When applying for passes, please list ONLY those residents residing at the address.  Proof of residency is required
(driver’s license or Michigan ID) for any family member age 24 or older who is not the homeowner.
 City ordinance allows no more than two unrelated persons to receive passes for each address.

Homeowner:  Homeowners applying for the first time must pick up an application at the Public Service Department.  Current homeowner passes are valid through December 31, 2022.

Caregiver:  One caregiver pass per household is issued annually for a fee of $25.00.

Renter:  Renter passes are issued annually and expire every December 31st.  Passes will be issued after the landlord Verification of Tenancy and Public Service Department verification of proper Certificate of Occupancy for your address.

Lost or misplaced Park Passes may be replaced once per season by an adult only and at a cost of $20.00.  After returning your application to the Public Service Department, allow two weeks for processing.