Wednesday, March 29th  2017, 7:47:01 pm

The Treasurers' office is responsible for collecting tax monies and distributing these monies to the appropriate entities each year. Summer and winter tax statements are mailed to property owners every year. The summer statement includes your city taxes, which are payable to the city without penalty on or before September 15. The winter statement includes taxes for the school district, Wayne County and the jail, Huron Clinton Metro Authority, Wayne County Community College, the Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA), and the Library. These taxes are payale without penalty on or before February 14.  Property Taxes can be paid online with a credit card HERE.

Property owners, who miss the deadline in any calendar year for paying property taxes, may pay taxes at the Municipal Building until March 1 of the following year. After March 1: Delinquent statements must be paid to the Wayne County Treasurer's office at the International Center Building, 400 Monroe, 5th floor, Detroit.

Business owners who miss the deadline for personal property taxes must pay at the City Treasurer's office in the Municipal Building. A penalty will be added to all late tax statements.

Senior citizens, who need additional time to pay taxes may fill out a form prior to August 31, at City Hall to defer City taxes, until February 14 without penalty. For County and School taxes, seniors may fill out a form at City Hall prior to February 14, to defer County and School taxes without penalty up through April 30, payments are then made to the Wayne County Treasurer. For additional information regarding taxes contact the Treasurers office at 822-6200.

The mailing address for all City departments and facilities is:
15115 East Jefferson Avenue
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230
The main phone number is 313-822-6200
City Offices are open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday

City Administration: including City Clerk, Election Information Tax Information, Water Bills: 313-822-6200   Fax: 313-822-1280

Public Service: including Building Department, Assessors Office: 313-822-5020   Fax: 313-822-1280
Code Enforcement: 313-822-4347
Public Works Garage:  313-822-5100

Public Safety: all Police, Fire and EMS Services 24 hour: 313-822-7400   Fax: 313-822-4577   Administration/Records: 313-822-4416
Municipal Court: Civil and Traffic: 313-822-3535   Criminal :313-822-4323   Probation: 313-822-4470   Fax: 313-822-0016
Parks and Recreation: 313-822-2812  Windmill Pte Gatehouse:  313-822-5155   Patterson Park Gatehouse: 313-822-1681