City Directory

Department Email Phone
City Administration
(Clerk, Election, Tax, Water and City Manager)
Public Service
(Building, Code Enforcement, Forester and Assessor)    
Public Works
(Streets, Maintenance and Sewer)
Public Safety
Public Safety
(Police, Fire and EMS Services 24 hour)
Public Safety
Municipal Court 313-822-3535
Parks and Recreation
(Windmill and Patterson Park)


City Council Members

Robert W. Denner, Mayor
Aimee Fluitt
James E. Robson
Daniel C. Grano
Lauri Read
Vikas Relan
Michele Hodges


Note: Code Enforcement office hours are ONLY available Wednesday and Friday
Assessor office hours are ONLY available on Thursday

Name Position Email
Nick Sizeland City Manager
Jane Blahut Finance Director/Clerk
Pat Thomas Public Works Supervisor
Chad Craig Parks & Recreation Supervisor
Chris Delmege Marina Supervisor
Mary Beth Hathaway     Manager Lavins Activity Center
Corin Vance Landscape Architect/Park Market Manager
Jamie L. Ferszt Court Administrator Direct Dial:  313-822-4327
Meghan L. East Deputy Court Administrator Direct Dial:  313-822-4323
Linnae A. Bellaver Deputy Court Clerk Direct Dial:  313-822-4565
Ron Supal Building Inspector
Greg Dunn Code Enforcement
WCA Assessing City Assessor
Stephen Poloni Public Safety Director