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Grosse Pointe Housing Foundation
Student Grant Program


Create educational housing incentives for university students in the manner of housing grants while concurrently adding vitality to the Grosse Pointe Park rental market and surrounding commercial business districts.

Establishment of Educational Grant

Grant available to eligible students, medical students, and nursing students for housing expense of up to 50% of rent not to exceed $350 per month.

Student Eligibility Requirements
All requirements must be met

  1. Complete the applicaiton process, which includes a 350-word essay 
  2. Be enrolled full-time in a four-year undergraduate*, graduate or medical residency program at one of the following:
    Central Michigan University
    •College for Creative Studies
    •Ecumenical Theological University
    •Lawrence Technological University
    •Marygrove College
    •Michigan State University
    •Oakland University
    •University of Detroit Mercy
    •University of Michigan, Dearborn
    •Wayne State University
    *Note: Freshman are not eligible for grants
  3. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher (you'll be asked to provide your transcripts)
  4. Provide copy of class schedule during application process.
  5. If medical resident or student nurse, proof of participation from the associated medical Facilities will be accepted in lieu of class schedule and related requirements.
  6. Selected housing unit/landlord must be approved for participation in the program by the Grosse Pointe Housing Foundation.
  7. Limit of one grant award per housing unit.

Housing Unit/Landlord Eligibility Requirements
All requirements must be met

  1. Rental property is located within the designated area
  2. Pre-approval of housing unit/landlord for participation in the program. A site visit/inspection must be completed and passed with the Foundation.
  3. Unit meets all City Code of Ordinance requirements
  4. Proof of valid Certificate of Occupancy
  5. Ad valorem taxes are current
  6. 12-month lease term availability.


Student and Landlord application can be found at