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The Sails of Two Cities

The name of the sculpture is - “The Sails of Two Cities”, it is approx. 20 ft. tall and is made of stainless steel, carbon steel and glass. The objective was to create something that would create conversations and stand as a beacon to symbolize the communities love of the water and the many activities it invites. The shape of the stainless-steel arcs was inspired by deconstructing the architecture of the hull of a boat, and further symbolizes the motion and power of the wind. Within the sculpture are two sails. The blue glass configured in the sails is inspired by a topographical map view of a city positioned like buildings and streets. Stainless steel is present on boats in many of the structure elements, and also shimmers like the water shimmers in the sun. This sculpture was inspired by two boats sailing together in harmony. It symbolizes the motion of the wind, and neighboring cities sharing the blue water.
The Nordin Brothers are very proud as Detroit Artists to have created a piece for Grosse Pointe Park. They have family that live in the city as well as many friends. They will be creating a sculpture for Sterling Heights later this year and have recently created two large scale pieces in Harrison Twp. as well as places sculptures in Brighton, Port Huron and a host of other cities in Michigan.

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