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Lawn Pesticide Usage

Practice Integrated Pest Management

Spring is here and we all want our landscaping to look as good as possible. There is growing concern however, that the indiscriminate use of lawn pesticide is on the rise. Often, lawn companies will automatically schedule a series of sprays and granular applications. Review your contract closely. It's possible that all those applications are not necessary. For example, if your goal is to eliminate dandelions, and the first spray accomplishes this goal, save some money and help our environment by skipping unnecessary subsequent applications.

Integrated Pest Management is the use of all appropriate and economical strategies to keep pests and their damage to acceptable levels with the least disruption to the environment. These strategies may include simply selecting pest-resistant plant materials or integrating natural, biological and mechanical controls.

Also, please advice your lawn care company to keep applications off the public sidewalk. Your neighbors may not like tracking it into their homes.

To find out how to grow green grass without the use of chemicals and to reduce environmental toxins in your life, go to www.localmotiongreen.org.

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