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About the Court

The Grosse Pointe Park Municipal Court is one of five remaining municipal courts in the State of Michigan.  Jurisdiction is limited to matters arising in the City of Grosse Pointe Park.

The Court's jurisdiction in criminal matters is identical to the jurisdiction of district courts found in other communities.  The Court issues search and arrest warrants.  Misdemeanor offenders are arraigned, tried, and sentenced by the court. The Court hears all ordinance violations, any traffic civil infractions and/or traffic misdemeanors.

There will be a Crime Victims Rights Fee assessed upon all criminal and ordinance violation misdemeanors.  This fee is $75.00 and is State mandatory. 

In felony cases, the Court arraigns the defendant, sets bond and bond conditions, and exists to support a finding of probable cause to believe that the defendant committed the charged offense and should face trial.  Trial and sentencing felony matters occur in the Wayne County Circuit Court.

General civil jurisdiction of the Court is limited to matters involving up to $3,000.00.   Cases involving larger sums are heard by the Wayne County Circuit Court.  The Court hears all landlord-tenant matters from the initial filing through trial.  You may contact the court for information on filing fees, process server fees and other costs associated with civil filings at 313-822-3535. Any questions may also be emailed to court@grossepointepark.org.

Landlord/Tenant Questions
A guide for Landlords and Tenants is made available through the Michigan Legislature online via the following site: 
Click here for the Checklist for Filing Landlord Tenant Pleadings
Certain pleadings may be filed by facsimile.  If a filing fee, motion fee or other court fee is required, contact the court prior to filing by fax to obtain approval. 

Court Forms
State approved court forms for civil filings are available at the court for a fee or online through the State Court Administrative Office website.  That website is:  http://courts.michigan.gov/Pages/default.aspx.

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