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Marina facilities at Windmill Pointe Park provide access to Lake St. Clair and handle watercraft up to 55 feet in length. Well rentals are from $583.00 – $2,893.00 per season. A full price list is located below. To place your name on the waitlist, download the waitlist application (a PDF file) and send it in along with your $10 waitlist fee.

Boats are moored at the Windmill Pointe Park Marina  for only Grosse Pointe Park residents from April 15th – November 15th. There are 270 wells. All wells include electricity and water. A gin pole and pump out station is available to all boaters. You may rent the transient well for $20.00 a day for residents and $30.00 for non-residents. Call the Parks & Recreation Office to rent. Fishing is allowed off the main pier of the marina. Just a reminder that the transient well can be reserved for three days by making arrangements with the Harbormaster office at 822-2812 ext. 400.

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For questions regarding the marina you can contact us at marina@grossepointepark.org, or call us at 822-2812 ext. 201.

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