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Park & Picnic Permits

Permits are available for Windmill Pointe Park and Patterson Park for picnics up to 20 non-resident guests. This does not apply to school picnics if the school is in Grosse Pointe Park. Schools requesting to use the pool will have their request reviewed. Decisions on this request will be based on the number of lifeguards that are available once staffing is in place.  There will also be an additional fee for schools using the pools. Reserving a picnic permit does not automatically guarantee school use of the pool. 

Park Pass applications are available at the Municipal Office in the Public Service Department.  Driver’s licenses and/or other forms of identification will not allow you to bring guests into the Parks. There is an allowance of at least five working days to process pass applications during the months of June and July.

Remember to bring your park pass and a copy of your picnic permit on the day of your picnic.

Picnic permits are available for the summer season. Call the Parks and Recreation Office, 822-2812 ext. 302, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to reserve your date.   The fee for a permit is $30.00 for a Monday - Thursday function or $50.00 for a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday event. Picnic Permits located at the Shelter at Patterson Park will be $75.00.

  • Permits are non-refundable. Permits will not be validated until the permit is signed and returned with appropriate fee.
  • Permits will not be issued for Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day as well as other holidays too. 
  • We will take reservations for the picnic shelter at Patterson Park. When you make your request for a picnic permit make sure you ask for the shelter. Shelter users must be at the shelter by noon.
  • The Gazebo at Patterson Park is a "back drop" for concerts, weddings and pictures. Please do not move picnic tables, grills, or benches under it.
  • Picnics will not be permitted to move indoors due to inclement weather. Picnics can however move to a different date depending on availability. 
  • Residents will be responsible for clean-up of the area and for any theft, loss, or damage to city property during the duration of their events. The City of Grosse Pointe Park, its representatives, agents, officers and employees will be held harmless for any personal injury, theft, loss or damage of private property. 
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