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Records Bureau

The records bureau is located on Level 3 of the municipal complex and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Our records can assist you with Freedom of Information Requests and copies of reports, record clearances, dog licenses, and concealed pistol license permit applications.  Call 313-822-4416.

Dog Licenses

All dogs in the City must be licensed.  Licenses are $10.00 and expire every December 31.  A valid rabies certificate is required to purchase a license.  They are available from the Records Bureau during business hours, or at the dispatch desk after hours.

Bike Licenses

Bike Licenses are available at the dispatch desk 24 hours.  Bike licenses are free.


Most fingerprints in Michigan are required to be submitted electronically via Livescan.  Click Here for information on how and where to obtain these prints.  There are a few instances where a paper card is required, as well as fingerprints for out of state entities.  Grosse Pointe Park residents can have these prints taken at the dispatch desk.  The fee is $10.00.

Grosse Pointe Park Public Safety Upgrades with Smart 911

Grosse Pointe Park Public Safety Officials encourage residents to please sign up for the free service that provides emergency responders with more information in the event of an emergency. 

Please read the Press Release and Smart 911 Frequently Asked Questions for more information and how to sign up.


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