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2016 Storm Event

The City of Grosse Pointe Park and Stantec, the City’s engineering firm have been diligently working to explore all methods of reducing inflow to the Jefferson/Sanitary system, upgrading capacity, and handling emergency events. Further undertakings by the City will be periodically posted on the City website. 

The transformers and switch gear have been replaced, upgraded and moved to the top floor of the Jefferson pump station. The Public Works Department has been working on plugging manhole covers that are missing plugs and will soon begin sealing catch basins. In November of 2016, the City and Stantec Engineers began to conduct Fog/Smoke testing on City streets south of Jefferson. The purpose of this test was to identify sources of rainwater inflow and infiltration to the sanitary sewer system and identify methods to remove excess wet weather flows from the sewer system. In December of 2016, the testing was postponed due to the incoming winter season until spring. However, because of the abnormal winter the Park experienced in January of 2017, the City restarted the Fog/Smoke Testing and finished in the 1st week of February of 2017.  Footing, driveway, backyard drains and connected downspouts to the Jefferson/Sanitary system all contribute to increased flow within the sanitary system. The City has found throughout the Fog/Smoke testing there are sources of inflow contributing to the Jefferson/Sanitary system. Residents with inflow contributors have been notified by the City on how to disconnect and with residents disconnecting inflow contributors, this will help reduce the burden on the station.

Fast Facts on how much water a home contributes:

  • On average a household wastewater flow equals to about 145 to 175 gallons per day
  • Typical rooftop runoff volume for a 1,500 square foot roof with downspout connections from a 1 inch rain event equals approximately 1,000 gallons
  • Typical sump pump flow is approximately 2,400 gallons per hour

Stantec recommends a number of solutions residents can take to reduce impact

  • Install residential backwater valves
  • Install sump pump for footer tiles
  • Install ejector pump for basement waste drains
  • Disconnect remaining downspouts & extend others away from foundations

Please be advised that due to a lawsuit filed with the City, all matters of the September 2016 Storm Event are being handled by the Law Offices of McGraw Morris PC representing the City Insurance carrier Tokio Marine HCC-Public Risk Group. Please direct your inquiries to Charles Lovell at (248)502-4000.

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