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 Public Notice Regarding DTE Gas Main Renewal Program Construction  Summer - Winter 2020 
If you are having problems with any gas appliances (hot water heater, furnace, dryer, stove) after DTE has connected the new meter, please call 1-800-477-4747 and DTE will dispatch an employee to your home. Employees are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

 DTE has notified the City that they will be resuming construction for their Gas Main Renewal Program within the next two weeks.  Additional information regarding what to expect can be found here.  The project will include the following: 

  • New gas line mains and service mains will be installed which may require some sidewalks and lawns to be torn up. A temporary covering will be put in place until restoration work can be completed.
  • Property owners who have a gas main located inside their home will be contacted by DTE to set up an appointment for the main to be moved outside. A technician will need to enter the home to complete the work.

All property owners located inside the work area were mailed a letter from DTE regarding the project and what to expect. Click hereto read the letter.  
If you are unsure your property falls within the work area, click here for a map of the project. 
Click here for a timeline for restoration work. 

DTE employees and contractors are prepared to follow all safety protocols including requiring one person per vehicle, social distancing, health questionnaires, and the wearing of face masks to ensure workers and customers are safe. Additional safety precautions will be taken if or when a technician needs to enter your home. If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact DTE at 313-270-9240.

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