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Snow Removal

City of Grosse Pointe Park Snow Removal Guidelines

 Below are the current guidelines for snow removal by the Department of Public Works. These guidelines will be followed during all snow accumulation. The policy is broken down by the type of surface and accumulation. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact Public Works at 313-822-5100.

 For City Streets:

  • When there is accumulation of 2” or less: The City will salt all main streets (clarify which mains) and all local streets during a light snow event. If the weather is predicted to be cold for the week, the City will salt all streets. If the snow is light and weather is predicted to improve, the City shall spot salt. During a spot salt event, the City will fully salt all east and west main streets with spot salting being completed on north and south local streets. Spot salting will also be completed at all intersections by completing 2 to 3 houses before, and through the intersection of all stop signs and 2 to 3 houses after.
  • When there is accumulation of 2” or more: The City will salt all City streets East, West, North, and South. After salting is completed, plowing of all streets will begin. Streets will be plowed more than once if necessary. We apologize for the inconvenience if we block driveways with roll off snow. The City will not come out and plow out private driveways. We encourage homeowners to NOT push snow into the street when plow trucks go by. If you have an easement or side yard, please shovel or snow blow as appropriate.  

For Business Districts including Mack, Charlevoix, Kercheval:

  • When there is any accumulation, business owners are responsible for clearing the sidewalks directly in front of their business. 

 For All Sidewalks:

  • When there is accumulation of 2” or less: The City will only do the MAIN STREET SIDEWALKS when 2” or less. This will cover only Cadieux, Mack, Charlevoix, Vernor, Kercheval, St. Paul, Maumee, Jefferson, Fairfax, Essex, Avondale, Korte, and Windmill Pointe.  Please see the ordinance below for requirements of snow removal by residents during these instances.
    • Sec. 21-52. Sidewalks to be Cleared: (a) The occupant of every lot or premises adjoining any street, or the owner of such lot or premises, if the same are not occupied, shall clear all ice and snow from sidewalks adjoining such lot or premises within the time herein required. After any snow or ice shall cease to fall, such snow or ice shall be cleared from the sidewalks within twelve (12) hours after such cessation.
  • When there is accumulation of 2” or more: The City will plow all sidewalks more than once.  This helps properly plow the sidewalks without getting stuck. Please do not block sidewalks during any snow event. If a sidewalk is blocked when the City goes to plow, the Public Safety Department will issue a ticket.

Special Considerations and Additional Information:

  • Contractors removing snow for homeowners:  All snow removed by Contractors is the responsibility of the contractor. The contractor may remove from the street; however, the snow must be moved on to the homeowners’ lot or easement. If a contractor is found pushing snow across the street of other neighbors, they may be ticketed. Homeowners need to be mindful of the nuisance of the extra snow on their side of the street. Public Safety will write tickets to the contractor if called.
  • Additional Information on Spot Salting: The City is being mindful of our EGLE/DEQ request to spot salt when practical so not to impact the amount of salt making its way to Lake St. Clair through our Catch Basins.



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