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Water Board

The Water Board handles all water-related work for the City including water line repairs, water main repairs, water meter repairs and/or replacement, and water meter readings. To get in contact with the Water Board, email water@grossepointepark.org or call 313-822-5100.

Water Service Line Material Verification 

The City is required to verify all water line material within the City due to changes in State of Michigan law.  The Water Board did have appointments available from September 21st through October 23rd. If you did not make an appointment during this time, please utilize one of the options below to verify your water line material (note that homes built after 1950 will not have a lead service line and do not need to make an appointment): 
- Email a picture of your water line to water@grossepointepark.org and include your address in either the subject line or the body of the email. A staff member will email you back to confirm receipt. 
- Email water@grossepointepark.org to make an appointment. The appointment will take less than ten minutes and staff will need to enter the property. 

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