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Does the City Recycle?

Yes, we do! A small lime green or blue 32-gallon container is perfect for holding your recycle material. We ask that you only put out your recycling when it is full.

Materials Accepted for Recycling Include:
Cardboard & Paper Bags
Paperboard Magazines & Catalogs
Junk Mail
Phone Books
Office Paper
Steel & Tin Cans
Clear Glass
Colored Glass
Kitchen Cookware
Aluminum Cans 
Plastic Jugs/Bottles
Household Plastic (#1 – #7)

The following items are considered UNACCEPTABLE for recycling: syringes, hypodermic needles or medical waste, paper milk or juice cartons, garbage, Styrofoam, motor oil containers, large appliances, yard waste, garden hoses, grass, wood, wood branches or leaves, automotive parts, cylinder heads, brake rotors, drums or engine blocks, tanks, propane, oxygen, helium, aerosol cans or empty paint cans.

Click here to view all acceptable recycle materials. Click here for a picture of approved and not approved recycling items.

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