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Yard Waste, Branches, and Brush

What is Yard Waste?
This is defined as garden, lawn or tree trimmings, leaves and dead garden plants from the normal household. It shall not include rubbish from the work of a landscape gardener or private companies.

What do I do with LEAF COLLECTION?
GPP_LeafPickUPInstructions_2022 - Copy

What do I do with YARD WASTE?

All yard waste must be in paper bags or in 32 gallon containers (no lids) with handles that have a red & white yard waste sticker on them. If you choose to use containers you may pick up stickers for your containers in the Public Service Department. Containers can be no larger than 32 gallon. Toters are not acceptable yard waste containers. Please do not place sticks, brush, or weeds, on the top of your trash container. Improperly contained yard waste will be left at the curb.

Yard waste will be collected from April 1 thru November 30.

What do I do with BRANCHES AND BRUSH?

Brush is described as tree and shrubbery trimmings not exceeding one inch in diameter.  Brush shall be cut into 4 foot lengths and tied in bundles no larger than 18 inches in diameter and no heavier than 50 lbs.  Do not mix brush with yard waste. Only grass clippings can be mixed with leaves at the curb.

Chipper brush is defined as tree and shrubbery trimmings, cuttings, branches and limbs exceeding one inch, but not more than 5 inches in diameter, with all stumps and roots removed for disposal by the chipper machine. Length shall be 7 - 10 ft. long with stub ends to the curb for chipping. The chipper will handle branches the size of a fist. Small sticks should be broken down and put into compost containers or compost bags. The chipper will NOT pick up any small piles or pieces that are left out at the curb. Chipper brush will be chipped at the curb on or as close to your rubbish day as possible.

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