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Council Committees

Ordinance Review Committee

The Ordinance Review Committee exists to discuss and review potential and proposed changes to the City Code in detail. Ordinance Review is responsible for vetting and reviewing drafted changes and new ordinances before the changes are sent to City Council for consideration and possible adoption.
Chair: Councilmember TBD

Sustainability Committee
The Sustainability Committee exists to encourage and review sustainable practices throughout the City and community. The Committee is specifically focused on steps the City can take to decrease carbon footprint and energy usage and also investigating and encouraging the use of sustainable and eco-friendly building practices for construction projects.
Chair: Councilmember TBD

Personnel Committee
The Personnel Committee exists to oversee the performance of the City Manager, Finance Director/Treasurer, and City Attorney who all positions serve at the pleasure of the Council. The Committee works with the employees listed above to set goals for the year and summarize achievements completed for the previous year. The Personnel Committee also addresses personnel concerns as necessary.
Chair: Councilmember TBD

Public Safety Committee
The Public Safety Committee exists to support the Public Safety Department which includes fire, police and EMT. The Committee meets with the Public Safety Director and City Manager to discuss ideas and solutions to the unique situations, events, and issues Public Safety officers face.
Chair: Councilmember TBD

Public Services Committee
The Public Services Committee exists to support the Public Works department. The Committee meets with the Public Works Supervisor and City Manager to discuss ideas and solutions to challenges the Department faces related to services provided, future projects, and project funding.
Chair: TBD

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee exists to encourage clear, thoughtful, and open City communications. The Communications Committee focuses on implementing best practices and discussing improvements that can be made to the City’s overall communication strategy. They focus specifically on the City's website, Facebook page, and email blasts.
Chair: Councilmember TBD

Recordings of committee meetings can be viewed on the City's Youtube channel

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