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Awards & Ceremonies


The Beautification Commission presents awards to home and business owners for their efforts to keep our community looking its best.  Award recipients are presented their placards by the Mayor.


Our community is enhanced by the efforts of our residents when they decorate for the holiday season.  Candles in the window, wreaths on the doors, bright lights on trees and shrubs in a variety of holiday themes all add to the festivity of the season.  A committee drives each street in the Park to look at the decorations.  Among those, a limited number (60-90) are selected to present with award certificates in appreciation for their efforts.  The committee is looking for decorations that are attractive, well placed and well maintained.  They appreciate themes that may be unique or fun.  Quantities of lights or decorations are not necessary and may in fact deter for overall look.  The committee considers the daytime as well as night time appearance.  Award winners are not ranked by level of award.  We are pleased to recognize those homeowners (or renters) who have done an outstanding job.  We are contemplating changes in our award system and may recognize perpetual winners with a new award category.

Thank you to everyone for participating and helping make the holiday spirits bright for the community.
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