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Planning Commission

The City Plan Commission consists of nine (9) members, six (6) of whom shall be representative, insofar as possible, of different professions or occupations, and shall be appointed by the Mayor subject to approval by the Council. Three (3) members shall be ex-officio members, namely: the Mayor, an administrative officer of the city selected by the Mayor, and one Council Member selected by the Council. All members shall serve for a term of three (3) years, except that the terms of ex-officio members shall correspond to their respective official tenures. Click here to read the current Planning Commission Bylaws. 

All meetings of the Planning Commission are held in the city council chambers in city hall, 15115 East Jefferson, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230.


Member  Appointment Date Term Ending  September
Frederick Olds 06/23/1997 2022
Michael J. Fikany 08/27/2012 2020
Malik Goodwin 09/28/2015 2021
Michele Lindsay 08/26/2019 2021
Katherine Sanpere 08/26/2019 2022
Michael Vethacke 09/28/2020 2023
Robert Denner - Mayor    
Nick Sizeland - City Manager    
Jake Howlett - City Attorney    

Tenure of Office- 3 Years with terms expiring September 30th 

To be considered for an opening of a Commission please fill out a Commission Application form and return to the City Clerks Office

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