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Zoning Ordinance Rewrite

UPDATED 4/18/2024
Short Term Rentals Draft 2 - to be discussed at 4/22/24 Planning Commission Meeting
Zoning Ordinance Draft 2
Summary of Draft 2 Changes
Draft 2 Zoning Map
Draft 2 Table of Land Uses
Open House Summary Memo
Open House Responses

No longer accepting responses, but the original exercises can be reviewed.
Residential Design Standards: https://mcka.mysocialpinpoint.com/zonegpp/9vde
Commercial Design Standards: https://mcka.mysocialpinpoint.com/zonegpp/86ht

Open House Ordinance Draft
Open House Zoning Map
McKenna Memo on Open House Draft
Residential Uses Comparison Table

Open House Flyers

Flyer for Open House
Estate Residential Open House Flyer
Neighborhood Residential 1 (NR-1) Flyer
Neighborhood Residential 2 (NR-2) Flyer
Neighborhood Residential 3 (NR-3) Flyer
Corridor Mixed Use Open House Flyer
Neighborhood Mixed Use Flyer
Civic and Parks Flyer

As part of the Zoning Ordinance rewrite, draft regulations on short-term rental operations have been prepared.  The final regulations will ultimately be implemented as a local ordinance. The topic of short-term rentals was first discussed at the October 12, 2023 Planning Commission meeting. The Planning Commission will be discussing the draft regulations at its November 8 2023 meeting. The ordinance, and a summary presentation will be included as part of the Planning Commission packet. To view the draft regulations click here.

What is a Zoning Ordinance?

The State of Michigan enables municipalities to enact a Zoning Ordinance.  A Zoning Ordinance typically regulates land use, building size and placement, parking, landscaping, and parcel size. These regulations, using “zones” to allow different uses and buildings in different places, define how each individual property within the City may be developed or redeveloped.

Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Process and Timeline
The City's Zoning Ordinance rewrite will be guided by the Planning Commission which works alongside City staff and consultant McKenna. The City Council is ultimately responsible for adopting the ordinance. For a timeline and links to meeting materials and recordings click here.

McKenna Memos/Materials
Kickoff Memo  01/26/23 Planning Commission Meeting
Signage Memo 3/8/23 Planning Commission Meeting
Materials from Residential Design Guidelines 3/8/23 Planning Commission Meeting
Zoning Ordinance Update Memo 9/13/23 Planning Commission Meeting

Draft Chapters presented at 9/13/23 Meeting
Article 1: Title, Scope, and Purpose
Article 2: Zoning Districts and Zoning Map - map included
Article 3: Schedule of Regulations, Building Form and Design Standards
Article 5: Parking, Loading and Access
Article 8: Signage
Article 11: Special Land Use Review
Article 12: Text/Map Amendments (Rezonings)
Article 16: Administration and Enforcement

Draft Chapters presented at 10/24/23 Meeting - please be advised that the Articles were renumbered (Ex: Signage became Article 7)
Article 3: Use Standards
Article 4: Schedule of Regulations

Article 7: Signage

Article 8: Reuse and Nonconformities

Article 12: Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Article 13: Planning Commission

Article 14: Zoning Board of Appeals

Public Engagement Opportunities

General comments and questions can be sent to planning@grossepointepark.org. There will be Community Open Houses on Saturday December 2023 from 3-6 PM and Monday December 4, 2023 from 6-9 PM. Location information on the Open Houses is forthcoming. Additionally, all interested parties can participate in public comment at Planning Commission meetings. The next Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for Wednesday November 8 2023 at 7:00 PM in the Council Chamber of City Hall (15115 E Jefferson Ave, G.P.P. MI, 48023)

About McKenna
McKenna’s team of talented planning, design and building professionals help municipal leaders develop and maintain communities for real life. From street festivals, neighborhood parks, and storefronts, to parking spots, coffee shops, and farmers’ markets, we want your community to thrive. McKenna provides planning, zoning, building, landscape architecture, community and economic development, and urban design assistance to cities, villages, townships, counties, and regional agencies, as well as select private clients, based on skilled and effective public engagement. Our success can be measured by the built improvements to hundreds of McKenna client communities, and by our 44-year record of client satisfaction and on-time, on-budget delivery.

McKenna currently provides project services to more than 85 communities and private land investors in Michigan, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. Anticipating and responding to change is a major distinction of McKenna’s practice. McKenna’s innovation and depth of experience is a resource for public and private decision-makers; we are a corporation of roughly 30 planners, urban designers, and landscape architects formed under the laws of Michigan on May 2, 1978. Learn more at https://www.mcka.com/

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