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City Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
City Administration Nick Sizeland City Manager sizelandn@grossepointepark.org (313) 822-6200
City Administration Jane Blahut Finance Director/Clerk/Treasurer blahutj@grossepointepark.org (313) 822-6200
Public Works Pat Thomas Supervisor thomasp@grossepointepark.org (313) 822-5100
Parks & Recreation Chad Craig Supervisor craigc@grossepointepark.org (313) 822-2812
Municipal Court Jamie Ferszt Court Administrator (313) 822-4327
Building Department Terry Brennan Building Inspector tbrennan@grossepointecity.com (313) 590-5701
Assessor's Office WCA Assessing City Assessor assessing@grossepointepark.org
Public Safety Vacant Public Safety Director publicsafety@grossepointepark.org (313) 822-7400
City Administration Robert W. Denner Mayor    dennerb@grossepointepark.org
City Council Michele Hodges Council Member hodgesm@grossepointepark.org
City Council James E. Robson Council Member robsonj@grossepointepark.org
City Council Darci McConnell Council Member mcconnelld@grossepointepark.org
City Council Lauri Read Council Member readl@grossepointepark.org
City Council Vikas Relan Council Member relanv@grossepointepark.org
City Council Aimee Fluitt Council Member fluitta@grossepointepark.org
Building Department Tim Israel Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector tisraelinspector@yahoo.com (586) 752-3480
The mailing address for all City Offices and Departments is 15115 East Jefferson Avenue Grosse Pointe Park. MI 48320.
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