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Sustainability Resources

The City of Grosse Pointe Park is committed to growing and incorporating sustainable practices as an organization and as a community. This page is meant to update interested parties in the City's sustainability efforts so far and share tips and resources for citizens to start their own sustainability journey at home.  

Michigan Green Communities Challenge 
The Michigan Green Communities Challenge exists to promote initiative solutions and move community sustainability initiatives forward. The City is currently working to achieve bronze status as of June 2021.  Additional information can be found on their website here

The City currently has a contract with Green for Life (GFL) for recycling services. Recycling can be set out with regular rubbish on rubbish day for pick up in a green, orange, or blue toters (the City sells the appropriate bins at City Hall for an additional charge). Information on what is accepted can be found here

The City currently does not offer composting as a City service. However, residents who are interested in composting on their property can contract with a company to do so. Information on how to start composting at home can be found here

Buy Nothing Facebook Group
The Buy Nothing Facebook group is for Grosse Pointe Park residents to share used items with their neighbors who may need it or want it. This group is not a City-sponsored group. A Facebook profile is required to join the group; additional information can be found here

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