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DTE Restoration Work and Tree Trimming

Regarding Restoration Concerns
DTE has provided an updated FAQ for residents addressing a variety of questions related to the restoration portion of the DTE project. The document can be viewed here.  All questions/concerns related to restoration should be directed to the following individuals:
- DTE Restoration; 313-270-9240
- Monica Garagiola; monica.garagiola@dteenergy.com; 313-820-5567
- Bryan Valrance; bryan.valrance@dteenergy.com; 313-790-2493

Regarding DTE Tree Trimming Concerns
DTE has been completing tree trimming throughout the City. All questions/concerns regarding tree trimming should be directed to the following individual: 
- Ryan Ford; (810) 887-9221

Schedules & Notices
DTE website on Tree Trimming
Tree Trim Letter
Tree Work Schedule Door Hanger
Tree Removal Agreement Door Hanger
We Were Here Door Hanger
And the Answer is...Door Hanger

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