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Tree Trimming

GPP-2021 Corrective/Maintenance Tree Trimming
Now that DTE restoration is complete on Wayburn, Maryland, Lakepointe and Beaconsfield, the city has begun corrective trimming on city trees damaged during DTE construction. Trees will also be trimmed for sidewalk and street clearance. Oak and elm trees will be skipped and trimmed during the dormant season due to oak wilt and Dutch elm disease. 735 trees have already been trimmed. Trimming will continue on the 1100 block of Nottingham the week of September 20. To minimize any inconvenience to residents, No Parking signs will be posted one block at a time. Sav-A-Tree is the contractor doing the work; questions can be directed to City Forester, Brian Colter at (313) 822-5020.

GPP Trim Metrics:

  • 139 trees have been trimmed on Wayburn - complete
  • 166 trees have been trimmed on Maryland - complete
  • 192 trees have been trimmed on Lakepointe - complete
  • 157 trees have been trimmed on Beaconsfield - complete
  • 21 trees have been trimmed on St. Paul - complete
  • 37 trees have been trimmed on Vernor - complete
  • 15 trees have been trimmed on Charlevoix - complete
  • 6 trees have been trimmed on Hampton - complete
  • 2 trees have been trimmed on Goethe - complete
  • Total of 735 trees

Pruning Specifications & Primary Focus:

  • corrective pruning of trees damaged by DTE
  • removal of dead branches - 1” in diameter or greater
  • raise the canopy over sidewalks and streets to a height of 12’-15’
  • clear streetlights and other signage
  • thin canopies 15-25%, where applicable
  • site cleaning – all debris hauled/removed
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