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Loose Leaf Pickup Schedule

Public Notice

Date: November 23, 2021
TO: Residents of Grosse Pointe Park
FROM: City of Grosse Pointe Park, Public Works Department

Residents of Grosse Pointe Park please be advised the loose-leaf pickup schedule could be impacted by inclement weather or equipment breakdown which could cause delays. Residents can also call the Public Works Department at 313-822-5100 with any questions or concerns.

Loose leaf pickup turnaround time is approximately every two weeks from the date of the last pickup.  The following streets have been picked up for loose leaf removal:

Tuesday, October 12 - St. Paul, Maumee, Kercheval, Vernor, Charlevoix
Wednesday, October 13 - Wayburn, Maryland, Lakepointe, Beaconsfield, Nottingham, Somerset, Balfour, Berkshire, Buckingham, Devonshire, Bedford, Three Mile
Thursday, October 14 - Audubon
Friday, October 15 - Whittier, Kensington, Yorkshire
Monday, October 18Barrington to Berkshire, Bishop to Cadieux, Jefferson, 1/2 of Fairfax
Tuesday, October 19  - Trombley, Harcourt, Lakeview Ct, Lake Ct, Windmill Pointe Dr, Korte, Avondale, Essex, 1/2 Fairfax
Wednesday, October 20 - Harcourt, Hally Pl, Beaconsfield (North & South, parking side), Hally Pl, St. Paul (parking side)
Thursday, October 21 - Nottingham (North & South), Maryland
Friday, October 22 - Wayburn, Lakepointe
Monday, October 25 - Grayton to Three Mile (North)
Tuesday, October 26 - Bedford, Devonshire, Buckingham, Berkshire, Balfour, Somerset (1000 block) - Fairfax, Essex, Avondale, Korte, Windmill, Barrington, Pemberton
Thursday, October 28 - Ellair Ct, Bishop (South), Bishop Lane, Jefferson Ct, Lake Ct, Balfour, Berkshire, Devonshire
Friday, October 29 - Bedford, Three Mile, Audubon, Whittier, Kensington, Yorkshire, Bishop, Grayton, Harvard, Cadieux, St. Paul, Maumee, Kercheval, Vernor, Charlevoix, Mack
Monday, November 1 - Barrington to Whittier (South), Fairfax to Korte
Tuesday, November 2 - Park Lane to Cadieux, Maumee, St. Paul, Kercheval, Edgemont, Park Lane, Ellair, Jefferson Ct, Bishop (South), Harvard to Devonshire
Wednesday, November 3 - Buckingham to Balfour, Charlevoix, Vernor
Monday, November 8 - Harvard, Grayton on Bishop, Charlevoix, Vernor, 1/2 Kercheval
Tuesday, November 9 -  Bishop, Yorkshire, Kensington on Whittier
Friday, November 12 - Bedford, Devonshire, Buckingham
Monday, November 15 - Berkshire - Balfour
Tuesday, November 16 -  Barrington, Pemberton, Lakepointe, Middlesex, Westchester, Windmill Pointe, Balfour
Wednesday, November 17
- Berkshire, Trombley, Harcourt, Bedford, Bedford Lane, Lakeview Ct, Three Mile, Grand Marais, Whittier
Thursday, November 18 - Jefferson, Park Lane, Edgemont, Ellair, Bishop (South), Bishop Lane, Jefferson Ct, Lake Ct, Balfour, Berkshire, Buckingham, Devonshire, Bedford
Friday, November 19 - Three Mile - Whittier, 1/2 Kensington, Audubon, 1/2 Yorkshire
Monday, November 22 - 1/2 Kensington, 1/2 Yorkshire, Bishop, Grayton, Harvard, St. Paul, Kercheval, Maumee, 1/2 Charlevoix
Tuesday, November 23 - Charlevoix, Vernor, Jefferson, Bedford (S), Bedford Lane, Three Mile (S), Grand Marais, Whittier (S), Park Lane, Edgemont Park, Ellair, Bishop (S), Bishop Lane, Jefferson Ct, Lake Ct, 1/2 Barrington, 1/2 Pemberton
Monday, November 29 - Barrington, Pemberton, Lakepointe, Middlesex and Balfour
Tuesday, November 30Berkshire, Trombley, Harcourt, Bedford, Bedford Ln., Three Mile, Grand Marais, Whittier(South of Jeff.), Windmill Pte., Korte, Avondale, and Lakeview Ct.
Wednesday, December 1 - St. Paul , Beaconsfield North & South, Balfour, Berkshire, Buckingham, Essex, and Jefferson
Thursday, December 2 - Maryland and Nottingham North & South, Devonshire, Bedford North, Three Mile North, and Audubon

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