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Detroit Abloom
Detroit Abloom – Nancy Weigandt

Massey Fish Company (Great Lakes Finest Fish)
Massey Fish Company (Great Lakes Finest Fish) - Karen & Greg

Cheryl's Boutique - Cheryll Maraldo


Cheryl’s Boutique has handmade dresses, headbands, bows, tutus, bags, keys chains and hats. This is their 8th year and our Market.

The Green Grocer of Fine Foods - Joe Lucido


The Green Grocer of Fine Foods has been at our Farmers Market for seven years. They also provide home delivery service in the Grosse Pointes with as much local Michigan produce as possible. Between Mr. Lucido and his father, they have serviced the Grosse Pointes for over sixty years!

Blake Farm - Jerry Garrett


Jerry Garrett of Blake Farm has been at our Farmers Market since we opened. Currently their own crop at the market is strawberries however they provide a nice selection of various other produce from California and/or South Carolina. In cooler months their own fresh apples will be available along with cider, donuts and cherries.

Martin Family Farm - Matt Martin


Matt Martin is the owner of Martin Family Farm located in Armada Township. He has had a stand at the West Park Market for seven years. Their farm is USDA Organic and is the only Organic farmer at our market. He says his farm is one of two USDA Organic farms east of I-75 and all of the produce that they sell is grown on their farm. He also says that much of their produce is handpicked by his daughters Madelyn (pictured below) and Emily.

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