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Social District

Grosse Pointe Park Social District 
The Grosse Pointe Park Social District was created in August 2020 under Public Act 124-2020.  Creating a social district allows for local businesses within the district to serve to go alcoholic drinks to consumers, who can then partake of their purchased beverages within designated commons areas within the district.  It is important for consumers to remember that any to-go alcoholic drinks have to be consumed within the commons areas, which are designated areas within the district and not the entire district. The Grosse Pointe Park Social District has been approved by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. Approval can be verified here.  The City is currently working on review and installation of signage throughout the District. 

The GPP Social District Boundaries are on Kercheval Avenue starting at the alley between Alter Road and Wayburn street to Notthingham Street and continuing on Charlevoix Avenue from the same alley between Alter Road and Wayburn Street to the west side of Nottingham Street.  The Social District also includes two commons areas:
  • On Kercheval Avenue from the east side of Wayburn Street to the halfway point between Beaconsfield and Notthingham Streets
  • On the north side only Charlevoix Street from the boundary of the City of Detroit to Beaconsfield Street and on the south side of Charlevoix from Beaconsfield to Lakepointe.

The Commons Areas are open from 5pm - 10pm Sunday through Thursday and 5pm - 11pm Friday and Saturday.  The Social District will be closed for the following US Holidays: New Years Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas. 

For more information regarding the operation and maintenance plan, including district maps, please click here.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Social District, please call 313-822-6200. 

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