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Emergency Alerts

The Grosse Pointe Park Department of Public Safety uses two different services to provide up-to-date information to the public.

Nixle is an “opt-in” service, meaning that you must sign up to receives these alters. Nixle alters can be used for alerts and updates about ongoing situations in the city, advisories about upcoming or potential situations, or general information of interest to the community.  Residents can receive these messages via text, email, or view on the Nixle website, and these messages are delivered regardless of your location.

Grosse Pointe Park also has access to Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) that is part of the Integrated Public Alert and Warming System (IPAWS).  This is the system that broadcasts Amber Alerts.  WEA messages are reserved for messages that concern Extraordinary or Significant threat to life or property, where your response should be immediate and the chances of the event actually occurring is greater than 50%.  WEA is an “opt-out” service.  Cell phone generally come with WEA alerts turned on.  If you don’t wish to receive these alerts, you must disable them in your phone.  WEA messages are sent to a specific geographic area.  If your phone is not in this area, you will not receive these messages. Grosse Pointe Park is restricted to only send messages within the boarders of Grosse Pointe Park.

For further information on these services, please click the logos below.
everbridge-nixle-color-transparent                                                      WEA
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