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Recreation Commission

The  Recreation Commission advises the City Council on Park-related projects and activities.

Meetings of the Recreation Commission are held in the Tompkins Center at 7 P.M. in Windmill Pointe Park. For further information please call Park Supervisor Chad Craig at 822-2812 ext. 200.

2022 Meeting Dates Standing Agenda for Meetings
February 9 1. Roll Call
May 11 2. Approval of Minutes
September 14 3. Windmill Pointe Park
November 9 4. Marina
  5. Lavins Activity Center
  6. Patterson Park
  7. New Business


Member Appointment Date Term Ending
Vacant - Chair 11/18/1991 2022
Roy Edmonds 11/26/2001 2023
Larry Haggart 01/08/1996 2024
Stacey Jarvis 12/11/2006 2022
Michael P. Hindelang 11/13/2017 2024
Michael J. Bannon, PhD. 12/09/2019 2023
James Ceuninck 09/28/2020 2024
Sarah Coats 12/21/2020 2023
Christina Buchanan 01/10/2022 2022
Chad Craig - Admin    
Chris Delmege - Admin    

Tenure of Office- 3 Years with terms expiring on December 31st. 

For the Recreation Bylaws, please click here.

To be considered for an opening of a Commission please fill out a Commission Application form and return to the City Clerks Office.

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