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Recreation Commission

The  Recreation Commission advises the City Council on Park-related projects and activities.

Meetings of the Recreation Commission are held in the Council Chambers at 7 P.M. at City Hall. For further information please call Park Supervisor Chad Craig at 822-2812 ext. 200.

2023 Meeting Dates Standing Agenda for Meetings
February 15th 1. Roll Call
May 17th 2. Approval of Minutes
September 20th 3. Windmill Pointe Park
November 15th 4. Marina
  5. Lavins Activity Center
  6. Patterson Park
  7. New Business

For the Recreation Bylaws, please click here.
Member Appointment Date Term Ending
Michael J. Bannon, PhD. 12/09/2019 2023
Howard Bouton 07/18/2022 2025
Christina Buchanan 01/10/2022 2025
James Ceuninck 09/28/2020 2024
Patrick Gleason 05/13/2024 2027
Roy Edmonds 11/26/2001 2023
Larry Haggart 01/08/1996 2024
Michael P. Hindelang 11/13/2017 2024
Stacey Jarvis 12/11/2006 2025
Paul Spratt 07/18/2022 2025
Tom Caulfield - Councilmember   *
Chad Craig - Admin    
Stedman Taylor - Admin    

Tenure of Office- 3 Years with terms expiring on December 31st. 

To be considered for an opening of a Commission please fill out a Commission Application form and return to the City Clerks Office.

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